How Small Business Owners Can Use New Media

Does this ring true? As a small business owner, you are busy running operations and managing employees, that the last thing you have time for is social media. If this rings true and you wonder how other business owners have time to hop on Facebook and Twitter, then this article is for you.

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The thing about social media is that it need not take up a lot of time and or resources. Even twice a week is enough to get the ball rolling and once you get the ball rolling and have established an active presence and grown a steady following, you can always let another employee take over the daily or weekly duties. Any schooled employee can run your social media campaign, but keep in mind that not just anyone in your company should be given the reigns. Only someone schooled and trained should handle your social media activities.

See our tips below on how to use new media as a small business owner.

1. Start Early –

When a new social network launches this is the prime window by which you should join and become an active member. Why? Because this is when you stand to grow your following the fastest and also when you stand to benefit the most from the boost and press that most new networks get. This was the case with both Google Plus and Pinterest, when they both launched. Early adopters benefited from strong followings and lots of interaction and engagement. Yes! the initial excitement tends to die down after the launch phase. Now it’s up to you on what your profile becomes and accomplishes for you. There’s no need to join every new network, just those that make sense for your target market and specific niche.

2. Be Prolific –

In the beginning, it pays to be prolific in whatever social media accounts you decide to join. This prolificness will take the form of new media content such as photos, links and announcements. Being prolific means you update a lot and add as much content as you can while still in new account mode and growing your fans and base. Over time your updates can dwindle down some and take a less robust schedule yet still deliver good value. The time to be prolific is when you first join and or on a newly launched social media platform.

3. Don’t Give Up –

Although it may seem at first that not much is taking place with a new account, you should keep in mind that establishing a social media presence takes time. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your new Pinterest account. Give it time to percolate and grow organically, even if it takes longer than you originally thought it could. Growing a social media account happens by enlisting several tactics such as on site promotion, blog content, press releases, giveaways and so on. However, the key is, don’t give up on your social media efforts no matter how slow the progress may seem at first.

There are advantages and disadvantages to all forms of marketing and all forms of media, including new or social media. However, when used strategically and a plan of action is implemented, there’s almost nothing you can’t do to further and grow your business.

Try our tips above and get started today.

Article written by Zoober Training, a digital marketing service provider and new media information portal.

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