Business 101: How to Write a Mission Statement

Organizations, be they business or non-profit, have a reason for existing. The mission of the company is the reason why it was originally created. Thus, the mission statement must capture that reason and deliver it to the public. With time, the dynamics in the business changes and it becomes necessary to rewrite the mission statement. Sometimes, it’s even necessary to come up with a new mission statement altogether. Since the statement is crucial for the success of the company, time, creativity and effort are required when coming up with the statement.

The following guidelines will help individuals or companies write their mission statements.

Get Everyone Involved

There are many people involved in the organization, so when coming up with the mission statement, get the views of the organization’s members. The process of gathering the views of others may include brainstorming meetings, where each person has an opportunity to make their opinion known. In the brainstorm sessions, the following must be considered.

  • The needs and the opportunities that the company was formed to address. This will give a clear view on the organization’s purpose.
  • What will be done to fill thee needs. This will identify the daily activities, as done by the organization.
  • The beliefs or principles that guide the organization’s work. This enables the organization to come up with core values that guide the organization along in making decisions.

Get the Opinion of Consumers

Besides collecting the views of the organization employees, it is also prudent for the organization to gather opinions from its consumers. Consumers can give feedback on their expectations of the services or products provided by the organization. The survey can be done through mail, telephone, email or face-to-face interviews.

Data Compilation

Once the process of gathering data from employees and clients is done, compile the data by thoroughly studying it and not just editing it for any errors Pick out phrases or keywords that stand above the rest.

Set Aside Time

Since the process of accumulating data is tedious, involve other people within or outside the organization who will assist with it. To be able to get the most of the procedure, there should be enough time set aside for the session.

Get Feedback

Once the mission statement has been drafted, ask the opinion of other employees as well as clients. It is recommended that the mission statement to be as simple and clear as possible, without losing any of its meaning.

Spread the News

Confirm that employees and consumers are aware of the new mission statement. Give out free copies to as many people as possible. It should be included in the organization’s brochures, leaflets and other documents. Make sure the statement is placed in a strategic place, where it is clearly visible to both employees and visitors.

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